Design thinking for data monetization and privacy protection

By serving as a strategic and innovative partner for leading corporations planning digital interactions that generate user data, InSage enables both robust data monetization and proactive protection of user privacy. InSage works side-by-side with C-level strategists, process engineers, and the business development and marketing teams to identify privacy needs, to map when, how, and where sensitive data are collected, and to make sure that all operations of a firm execute data monetization initiatives seamlessly while simultaneously complying with user privacy regulations. When a firm plans to enhance its product offerings, forge new business relationships, or expand into countries outside the U.S., InSage builds scalability into the practices and policies it recommends so that when the company is ready for its next launch, so too is its comprehensive data privacy plan. Then things get interesting.

Transforming compliance into opportunity

Once privacy compliance is underway, InSage helps clients mine new opportunities uncovered by the data mapping process to newly and fully leverage data-driven insights, including new product concepts and revenue streams.

... and rewards

It’s complex work, but it has its rewards for clients: solid compliance programs, new revenue and growth opportunities, enhanced corporate social responsibility, great PR, satisfied users, and clear business insights.   InSage serves market leaders in the health tech, financial services, retail, education, and children's tech industries, as well as entities leveraging data for social good. Learn more at What We Do. Or, if you're ready to start a conversation, contact us at